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  • ZS-RS8373


  • Large scale dynamic day-to-day recording and streaming with flexible configuration of multiple HD video input. 


    Up to 3 HD video inputs simultaneously

    Lower requirement on network speed

    Optimized image resolution when streaming

    Simple to use with one key pressing

    Resistance to outer noisy environment

    Automatically upload onto our resources platform for releasing

    Using your mobile device to VOD on site live events

    Saving your budget on classroom construction

Technical Specs
ZS-RS8373 Media Station Tech Spec 
System ArchitechtureEmbedded Type ARM+DSP
CPUTI TMS320 DM8168 processing chips
Operating SystemLinux
System FunctionVideo CodecsH.264 high, MPEG-2
Video Format1080P@25fps~1080P@60fps adjustable 
Video Resolution480P/720P/1080P adjustable
Encode MethodAllow H.264-BP/MP/HP
Video Coding 
Data Rate
128Kbps~25Mbps adjustable
allow record main and auxiliary stream simultaneously
Stream Media ProtocolRTSP/HTTP/RTMP/HLS
Recording FormatMP4/FLV/TS
Audio EncodeAAC, MP3, PCM
allow echo cancellation and intelligient noise reduction
Audio bps20-128kbps Adjustable
Basic FunctionFront PanelIndicator Light1 × power light, 1 × operation status light,
2 hard disk working light
USB4 × USB slot
Button2 × 4  matrix button:
used to change status and configure IP address, etc.
SD slotSD card slot
Reset ButtonRestore jack
Display ScreenLCD display screen (216 x 64 pixels)
Back PanelSerial Port8 × COM
Internet2×10/100/1000 Ethernet port (RJ45)
Audio1 × LINE OUT, 1 × LINE IN,1 × MIC LINE IN,
1 × Headset, 2 × 48 V phoenix phantom power
Power1× standard DC port
SwitchPower on/off switch
Video Input4 × SDI-IN, 2 × HDMI-IN, 1 × VGA-IN
Video Output1 × DVI , 1 × HDMI
Working Environment0 to 50 ℃ 
Power12V 5A
Hard Disk1 TB
MemoryFlash: 512M, RAM: 2GB
Country of OriginMade in China


ZS-RS8373 Media Station Description 

1.Most reliable and practical A/V product that is of simple and easy to use, affordable and full-featured.

A/V acquisition, encoding, recording, streaming VOD, intelligent casting, storage, are integrated into the embedded system, serving all the needs in recording within one equipment.

linux.pngAdopt LINUX operating system。 Linux is famous for its efficiency and flexibility to do multitasking regardless of crashes or slowdowns, also it is the most reliable and secure system to defence your recorded video from virus。

Our product is great in integrating all the function into one, knocks out the outdated practice of pilling up equipment,no bother with complicate operation steps

2。 connect to multi-channel camera and microphone


Audio source input: 2×48 V phoenix phantom power, 1× Line-in,  1× MIC-in

3。 Excellent Video Processing strength, faster and stronger

12.pngMost advanced DaVinci DM8168 Chips

8 core CPU, designed by America Company TI, high technical threshold

Broadcasting class chip with DSP, stronger processing capacity with better image effect,

suitable for TV station, professional conference streaming, etc.

4.Keep on fully HD image quality recordings when the network condition is undesirable


This technology has gained approval certificate from national testing authority。 

Smooth 1080p HD real time graphic transmit with less than 1 Mbps bandwidth

Hardware-accelerated encoder provides flawless H.264 High Profile encoding for maximum performance.  

Our independent R&D team developed High Profile H.264 compression technology based on DSP, support H264 SVC (the highest level of H264).

DSP is a technology that in favor of image compensation in processing, deinterlacing, color and sharpness enhancement. etc.

Free from mosaic while waving hands quickly or walking.

 1080P @60 fps ≤ 1 Mbps bandwidth

720p @60 fps =512Kbps bandwidth

5。Automatic Tracking & Seamless Switching Footage


3-point camera positioning covers whole area of teaching activities

Intelligent casting to facilitate 1 teacher close up tracking, 1 teacher panorama, 1 student panorama

Using Optical Flow Tracking & Anti-Shake technology to position and track features precisely and smoothly, it enables multi camera working together with linkage effect to cut off garbage lens 

6。perfect sound fidelity


ANS(Auto Noise Suppress)

AGC(Auto Gain Control)

AEC(Auto Echo Cancellation)


Low requirements on classroom decoration and furnishing, truly realize normalized day to day recording 

Built-in noise cancellation technology resist to surrounding noise

7. Recording is a finger tip away



Generalize the normalized day to day recording by setting up the system easily with one key operation, neither teacher or student needs to wear accessory device。

8. Friendly Saving your storage space

40 minutes recording occupies 500MB

Taking a course lasting 40 minutes as an example, to record fully HD 1080p video, it occupies less than 500MB capacity without degrading the image quality, which save your storage up to 60% 

Add-on feature: Built-in Web-based backstage brocaster software

bring your video production to the next level with ZS-8300

Flipping your course with our fascinating tools


1. Remote control your recording

Easy to drag-and-drop different footage under auto or manual mode no matter is teacher area, student area, VGA and so on.It enables preview up to 10 screen channel with clear interface layout

2.B/S architecture,compatible with various browsers(IE/firefox/safari/opera/Google/360) 


long distance monitor your live stream with ease and adjust your footage position from any angle simply by your mobile device or browser 

3.Parameter settings available


fps 60/30/25

Pixel resolution: 1080p/720p/480p

Recording time limit setting and more

4.instantly positioning and accurately tracking

123.pngAdjust the footage rotation by using suspended grid positioning function

Allow fast tracking by modifying the zooming speed

5.Picture in picture layouts 

Simultaneously display overlay video source by double-split screen, three-split screen, four-split screen and five-split screen and scale up the size of the screen

6.Fun and dynamic editing experience 

Add special effect such as banner,stunt subtitles, trailer, logo and more


7. Stream to viewers everywhere by sharing a link or QR Code onto the internet 


ZIGAZE 8373 will instantly stream the recorded video onto our online resource management center or our user can remove storage from SD card slot and USB drive

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