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  • ZS-RS8574


  • A carry-on recording studio that’s light in weight but rich in pro features

    Ultra-high frequency wireless transmission, quick installation

    Large 15.6” LCD screen, real-time monitor, diplay and control

    Directing the live event by mouse, rocker, shortcut keyboard 

    Using light meterial,the same as Macbook case, weight 3。5kg

    Record,stream and manual switch with 3 HD inputs simultaneously

    Optimized image resolution when streaming

    VOD on PC, tablet or mobile phone

Technical Specs
ZS-RS8574 Mobile Recording Kit Tech Spec
System ArchitechtureEmbedded Type ARM+DSP
Operating SystemLinux
Wireless Transmission Distance≤100 meters without occlusion
Video Input2×HD-SDI / 5.8 GHz WiFi, 1×VGA/HDMI 
Audio Input2× 48V phoenix phantom power
2×3.5mm stereo jack LINE IN, 1×Headset
3×10/100/1000 Ethernet port (RJ45)
4×USB 2.0
Support maximum 2× 5.8G WiFi
Display Screen15.6 inch / 16:9 LCD 1920 x 1080
Built-in Professional
Broadcasting Station
Pantilt camera control
(zoom in/out, up/down, left/right, preset)
footage switch
picture in picture mode
virtual studio
Video Output1× HDMI 1.1, 1×DVI-I 
Audio Output1× LINE OUT
Video CodecsH.264 high, MPEG-2
Video Format1080P@25fps~1080P@60fps adjustable 
Video Resolution480P/720P/1080P adjustable
Encode MethodAllow H.264-BP/MP/HP
Video Coding Data Rate128Kbps~25Mbps adjustable
allow record main and auxiliary stream simultaneously
Audio EncodeAAC, MP3, PCM
allow echo cancellation and intelligient noise reduction
Audio bps20-128kbps Adjustable
Sream/VOD ProtocolRTSP/HTTP streaming media protocol
Stream/VOD ModuleBuilt-in
Stream/VOD  Methodwebcast/special player/universal player
Input Voltage and PowerDC12V 5A
Dimension415mm*270mm*60mm (footing not included)

ZS-RS8574 Mobile Recording Kit Feature

1.ZS-RS8574 Mobile Recording Kit= A pro digital broadcasting studio

1234.png导播台.png Directing, recording, editing 

The recording kit has integrate A/V acquisition, encoding, mixing, high frequency wireless video input, recording, streaming, VOD, video management, directing keyboard as one, serving all the needs of recording within one equipment.

With built-in professional broadcasting station, the user can enter the manual mode, switch multiple scenes, control camera rotation, modify zoom in speed, add special effects (stunts) and use shortcut key to return to the preset position to allow fast tracking. 

2。Main body


Built-in sensitive touch rocker enable control the camera rotation

Built-in standard broadcasting keyboard station, convenient to edit, add special effects 

Internal and external circulation to abstract heat, efficiently lower the inner tempreture, thus improves the reliability of the kit

Large display screen


Install 15.6’ HD 1080P resolution screen to diplay the action bars and real-time streaming status with a clear interface, pre-monitor the scenes with up to 6 video channel.

fine design light body, only 3.5kg using almag meterial,the same as Macbook case, can perfectly fit into the boarding case, 

Simultaneously display overlay video source by double-split screen, three-split screen, four-split screen and more分屏.png

Instantly positioning and accurately tracking


Preset the footage up to 12 

Allow fast tracking by modifying the zoom speed or click on the shoting distance to adjust panorama view or close-up view

Fun and dynamic editing experience

Add special effect such as banner, subtitles, trailer, logo and more.


3。Carry-on equipment

easy to take away, the whole set can be quickly built within 20 mins, break the space restriction, truely realizes recording anywhere.场景.png


4.High frequency wireless transmission, easy to deploy

Wireless transmission devices and signal control has formed into the recording kit, leave out the messy adaptors and connectors when deploying the recording studio in site, which can speed up the deployment. Users will not be stumble by the lines.


5.connect to multi-channel HD video input


Audio source input: 2×48 V phoenix phantom power, r, 2×3。5mm Stereo Line-in

6.Fully HD image quality


Smooth 1080p HD real time graphic transmission with less than 1 Mbps bandwidth

Users can still enjoy HD image quality at only 512kbps bandwidth,

Creative anti-shaking technology, free from mosaic while waving hands quickly or walking.

7.Streaming everywhere

image.png    参数.png

Built-in web admin platform, quicky set the parameters and manage video resource

Support streaming media protocol RTSP/HTTP, enable users to VOD from web, tablets and mobile

ADD-ON feature: Virtual Studio

ZS-RS8574 has the effect of virtual studio , during the streaming and recording, the pure color (blue/green, etc.) background of the scene can be matted and can be replaced by other backgrounds.


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