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  • ZS-RS8473


  • Real sense video call performance that beyond your imagination

    Streaming with multiple ends interaction simultaneosly

    Lower requirement on network environment

    Optimized image resolution while streaming

    Various interface for flexible configuration

    Resistance to outer noise environment

    Recording the whole process during interaction

    Automatically upload onto our web admin platform for releasing

    Connect your mobile device into the on site live events

Technical Specs
ZS-RS8473 Media Station Tech Spec 
System ArchitechtureEmbedded Type ARM+DSP
CPUTI TMS320 DM8168 processing chips
Operating SystemLinux
System FunctionVideo CodecsH.264 high, MPEG-2
Video Format1080P@25fps~1080P@60fps adjustable 
Video Resolution480P/720P/1080P adjustable
Encode MethodAllow H.264-BP/MP/HP
Video Coding 
Data Rate
128Kbps~25Mbps adjustable
allow record main and auxiliary stream simultaneously
Stream Media ProtocolRTSP/HTTP/RTMP/HLS
Recording FormatMP4/FLV/TS
Audio EncodeAAC, MP3, PCM
allow echo cancellation and intelligient noise reduction
Audio bps20-128kbps Adjustable
Basic FunctionFront PanelIndicator Light1 × power light, 1 × operation status light,
2 hard disk working light
USB2 × USB slot
Receiver1 × IR receiver
Button2 × 4  matrix button:
used to change status and configure IP address, etc.
SD slot1SD card slot
Reset ButtonRestore jack
Display ScreenLCD display screen (216 x 64 pixels)
Back PanelSerial Port8 × COM
USB1 × USB slot
Internet5×10/100/1000 Ethernet port (RJ45)
Audio4 × LINE OUT, 1 ×LINE OUT (independant for interaction)
1 × Headset, 2 × 48 V phoenix phantom power
Power1× standard DC port
SwitchPower on/off switch
Video Input6 × SDI-IN, 2 × HDMI-IN, 1 × VGA-IN, 2×CVBS IN
Video Output3×HDMI-OUT,1×DVI-I OUT
Working Environment0 to 50 ℃ 
Power12V 10A
Hard Disk1 TB
MemoryFlash: 512M, RAM: 2GB
Country of OriginMade in China

ZS-RS8473 Media Station Description 

1。Full-featured 4 in 1

ZS-RS8403 integrates all the function into one equipment including synchronous interaction, recording, live streaming, VOD, audio mixing, auto tracking, etc, which gets away from piling up equipment that is of not easy to maintain and operate


Adopt fully embedded architechture with LINUX operating system。 Linux is famous for its efficiency and flexibility to do multitask regardless of crashes or slowdowns, also it is the most reliable and secure system to defence your recorded video from virus。

Our product is great in integrating all the function into one, knocks out the outdated practice of pilling up equipment

no bother with complicate operation steps

2。 Single end to end/ multiple end video call


Built-in MCU function: saving the budget on extra MCU, support multi-ends interaction, simultaneosly connect with up to 6 correlated classroom, display a host lecturing class room with other 5 interaction ends by split layouts screen without affecting the normal teaching progress。 Can deploy external MCU to add-on more interaction ends according to the user needs。

3.Zero operation, automatic Tracking & Seamless Switching Footage


Press on interaction key on the control panel in the host lecturing classroom and that’s all you need for video call , the system can realize auto footage switching with image analyse and sound detect function to auto display different picture in picture layouts on the LCD screen

Movement detect:


The system can auto switch to the student close up feature by detecting student movement, then the scene will auto display 2 split screen of the host lecture classroom and the other end of the interaction classroom

Audio detect:

Also the auto switch function can be triggered by audio detect, as soon as a student utter a word, the system will auto swtich to the correlated classroom


Auto patrol mode:

The system can realize the automatic vertical/horizontal scanning to enter the patrol mode to patrol after an interval picture patrol, so as to avoid the dull feeling of the scene when there is no student interaction for a long time。

4.Optimized performance of video and audio quality

Adopting self-optimized H。264 High Profile encoding technology, facilitates stronger video processing capacity with better image effect。 The image is highly compressed during transmission with under 1 Mbps bandwidth while can still broadcasting HD 1080p video。 It can be deployed in TV station, professional conference,etc。

During the video call, our system is able to smart predict audio and video data package lost, then restore the quality up to 30%. The system also adopts unique MEC (Media Error Correction) technology, in the case of high data transit error, it still can guarantee the smooth and quality of audio and video


5. Friendly Save up your storage space

   copy.png Taking a course lasting 40 minutes as an example, the interaction activities during the teaching will be completely recorded, it occupies less than 500MB capacity without degrading the image quality, which save your storage up to 60% to record fully HD 1080p video.

    Also The recorded video will be automatically uploaded to Zigsun’s online admin resource platform, for freely VOD and management.

6. Connect with various interface

Video source input: 6×SDI-IN,2×HDMI-IN,1×VGA-IN,2×CVBS IN

Audio source input: 8×48 V phoenix phantom power mic in, 2× Line-in


Add-on feature: Cross platform connection


Allow to use Android/iOS smartphone terminal to take part in the interaction and simultaneosly record classroom


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